Our actions shall protect nature and contribute to the advancement of social structures that support the expression of life, such as community well-being, education, sports, health and personal development

We bet you are a doer, just like us

Only a doer would take the time to read our message.

Like most of the people who read this, we at the Foundation have never experienced poverty, war, catastrophe or hunger. We are well educated, with financial means, well-built shelter and social security. Whether we are part of the middle class, well-to-do or even wealthy, you and I belong to the richest 3% of the world. We are privileged and should therefore acknowledge that so many others lack opportunity for personal growth. It is with this in mind that we should find the courage to seed betterment where we can, bring love and joy to others and to move from being talkers to doers.

The Munay Foundation was set up as a charitable foundation in Switzerland in 2015. It is a small foundation supported by family, friends, and other acquaintances that have crossed our path over the course of our lifetime.

Many thanks for your support.

Nobody draws a salary at the Munay Foundation. All of us donate our hours and pay our own expenses. We are truly dedicated to doing good and hope you will support our efforts.



Our purpose


Our mission is to foster kindness of the heart and to generate positive, meaningful and enduring influence with our actions. We aim to support personal growth, self-help and self-responsibility, self-sustenance, openness to the flow of joy, mindful presence, pleasure and the deeper positive relationship among people and the earth.

Our actions shall protect nature and contribute to the advancement of social structures that support the expression of life, such as community wellbeing, education, sports, health and personal development.

The Munay Foundation is devoted to benefit, ameliorate and uplift mankind mentally, morally and physically as well as to protect nature. We support a select set of meaningful projects with a vision of sustainability. Charitable support is envisioned in the following areas:

> Social projects for children and the disabled

> Temporary support for people in dire straits

> Sustainable conservation of nature and environmental protection

> Promotion of health and personal development

> Youth teams or non-profit organizations in ball sports and winter sports


Only a few areas can be supported at the same time. As a small foundation, we will focus on a select set of projects with potential for significant impact.

Our inspiration


Is a word from the Quecha, an indigenous dialect from South America. Even today, this language is spoken in certain parts of the continent, for example, by the Q’eros in the Peruvian Andes.
The Q’eros are considered to be medicine men and women who are also guardians of valuable knowledge. The Q’eros had an empowering and orientating influence in the founders of the foundation who met in Cusco, Peru, in 2009.

The Munay Foundation has devoted its activities to the “Munay-Ki”. “Munay” stands on one hand for love and on the other for our will power. “Ki” stands for energy. Munay-Ki, therefore, does not only stand for the power of love, but also reminds us that we are celebrating active participation in love whenever we experience or give it. The deeper meaning of Munay-Ki could be interpreted as follows: Whenever we are committed from the bottom of our heart to give love and do good deeds, we will also observe that love and benefit from good deeds that find their way to us.

Our projects


The Munay Foundation was established in 2015. Learn more about the individual projects and the occasionally granted Munay Award by clicking on the button below.

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Thank you for your support. In order to minimize administrative costs, we kindly ask for a minimal amount of USD 1,000 or equivalent.

Donations can be wired by bank transfer to the Foundation. Please include your full name and address so that we can provide you with a confirmation of your donation. Please take note that we are not allowed to accept anonymous donations.

In Switzerland your donations could be tax-deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for further information.

In favor
Munay Foundation, 7050 Arosa, Switzerland
Graubundner Kantonalbank
7000 Chur, Switzerland

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Shara Morales & Roland Leutwiler
The board of the Munay Foundation consists of its founders, Shara Morales and Roland Leutwiler. They are partners in life and dream of a better world during their lifetime. The love between them is the basis for sharing their mission with others and dedicating time and money to the cause of the Foundation.
Shara Morales

Shara Morales

Shara is passionate about writing and the workings of energy and psyche (www.sharamorales.com). She holds an MBA from Stanford University, a MA in Educational Technology from the University of British Columbia and a BS in Information Technology Engineering from Monterrey Tec. She held several positions, including Director of Latin America at GL Funds and Strategic Planning Manager at CEMEX U.K. Ltd. She was a member of the board of the CEMEX U.K. Foundation and the President of the BBSH Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Switzerland.
Roland Leutwiler

Roland Leutwiler

Roland is an entrepreneur (www.rolandleutwiler.com). He holds a BS in Business Administration from the Zurich Business School and has completed an MBA equivalent program at the CS International Banking School. Further studies include the Sommer School Program On The Global Financial System at Harvard University. He is a founding partner of GL Funds AG, now Bellecapital Partners (www.bellecapital.ch) and a former Chief Investment Officer of Credit Suisse, New York. He is also a former President of the Grasshopper Club Zurich, a soccer club (www.gcz.ch).

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